If you know someone who has migraines – even after medical treatment – then they are a very good candidate for our migraine program.  Neurofeedback training is very helpful for reducing migraines, both the frequency and intensity.

For those who are using medication for migraines, but are also concerned about medication side effects, they are also very good candidates for our program.  As the brain becomes healthier and more balanced through neurofeedback training, migraine and headache drugs can often be reduced or eliminated.  It’s  is an effective alternative to medications.

In addition to neurofeedback, we also help patients look carefully at other factors that may contribute to migraines and headaches. We take a comprehensive approach based on extensive experience and research.  We find that a combination approach, using approaches that are often not even discussed by MDs with their patients, can be highly effective.

Behavioral and Brain Functions | Full text | Neurofeedback and biofeedback with 37 migraineurs: a clinical outcome study